Anticubicle- A Time To Breathe Deep (SAA1103L)

Recorded in two hours, this ambient, experimental duet album puts a new spin on the standard term of “turntablism.” The sound on this album is created by only a pair of turntables, an electric guitar and a few effects boxes. There are no overdubs and no edits.

A Time To Breathe Deep includes the composition “Two Rooms”, a live acoustic piano/turntable experiment which had both musicians in separate rooms playing simultaneously (then mixed together in real time).

DJ ESP- turntables, eletronics
Chris Schlarb- electric guitar, acoustic piano, electronics

Produced and engineered by Chris Schlarb
Recorded at The Squish, L.B. in the summer of 2001
Artwork by Tim McMullen

Track Listing
01. Circlefrictionobjectthreshold Pt. 1
02. Circlefrictionobjectthreshold Pt. 2
03. Two Rooms [mp3]

“Like Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma reworked for the hip-hop generation.”- Action Attack Helicopter


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