Castanets/I Heart Lung- split 12″ (AS002)

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This limited edition 12″ features two unreleased cuts from Asthmatic Kitty recording artists Castanets and three all new pieces from Sounds Are Active’s I Heart Lung. Set to a limited edtion run of 400 copies these rare marbled vinyl LP’s will be going fast. And once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Pressed and sold on the recent Oort Cloud BBQ/Sainthood Now tour which saw I Heart Lung touring along side Castanets and Wooden Wand & Vanishing Voice.

One long-form Castanets composite along with a shorter piece make up Side A. I Heart Lung contributes one rapid-fire free jazz romp on “Speedboats For Breakfast”, one ballad and the near 8-minute “If I Were A Young Man Now.” Delicious droney stuff from all involved.

All artwork by Tom Steck

Track Listing
A1. You Ain’t Goin Nowhere [mp3]
A2. Nothing Was Delivered
B1. Speedboats for Breakfast
B2. Song of the Boatman of the River Roon
B3. If I Were A Young Man Now [mp3]

“…ripping out tongues like lollipops… the duo has a great dichotomy working to their advantage throughout: Schlarb’s free-flying fusion-y Sharrock-n-Hendrix guitar work rings over Steck’s polyrhythmic aerobic pillaging. Imagine if “Evening Star” were made with a figure like Han Bennink ravaging the drums, “If I Were A Young Man Now” is the extremely exciting result. “- Tiny Mix Tapes


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