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Xn.- ideas without numbers (SAA1118)

7214B568-6DAF-4147-8B2A-EA50D2054628.jpg A collection of five short ambient guitar pieces from Chris Schlarb recorded in 1999 and released as a limited edition album totaling less than 10 minutes. Built around the unorthodox but simple sounds coaxed out of the electric guitar the original album was meant to be listened to repeatedly. After the limited release sold out, Schlarb contacted a number of different experimental, electronic and hip-hop artists to gauge interest in remixes and reinterpretations.

Bizzart- Ear Drung (SAA1116)

8A9E46D1-0127-46BC-BE5C-B3AECC3B1EE9.jpg Live free-jazz breakouts and lo-fi bass heavy glitch combine with Bizzart’s complex/abstract lyrical patterns. Ear Drung contains over 40 minutes of experimental hip-hop for fans of Bjork, PiL, Squarepusher and CAN. Over a 6 years in the making (yes, six), the album features incredible contributions and collaborations with DJ ESP, who appears on 4 tracks, Soul-Junk who produce “Nivek” and co-produce “Pink Summer in Hell” with Accident. Galaxalag also contributes vocals to “Nivek” along side other M.C.’s Freedom80 (of Non-Conformists), on “Negative Gravity” and Zane (of Tunnel Rats) on the incredibly dirty “Infinite Zero”. Also contributing to the sounds and structures are NOTICE contributors Peter Chan who lays down saxophones and clarinets on 5 cuts, Justice Constantine and Andrew Pompey who play live drums on one track each (”Protocol” and “Infinite Zero” respectively). Create (!) performs on the groove-based deconstruction that is “Stock Options on the Inner Reconstruction of Man” and Slo-Ro (of Soul-Junk) also contributes sounds to two additional tracks (”Ear Drung/Illuminate” and “Infinite Zero”).

Xn./Deneir- flowers (eating) words (SAA1115)

5CE4C78A-9118-46DB-BDFD-7F3D6CD178F3.jpg flowers (eating) words has been on and off hold for over 2 years, waiting for technology, time and purpose to bring ten short songs together. Clocking in at a robust 11 1/2 minutes each of the tracks was designed to fit into the close confines of sixty seconds each. Xn. and Deneir each contribute four abbreviated pieces in addition to one collaborative composition. On “gold in mirror” Deneir takes Xn.’s sloth-sound and pumps it full of rocks and cymbal shimmer. “Internal Chattering” reveals on repeated listens: Xn.’s bubbling guitar haikus threading Deneir’s LFO gurgle.

Xn.- Opening Up (SAA1112)

CA35B824-36E0-4EDF-812B-9C1A46DD4DC5.jpg So called anti-guitar guitar music, Chris Schlarb’s solo electric guitar project has brought forth its first fruit on the ambient/melodic/spatial axis. All pieces were recorded in one sitting (normally within a 2-3 hours each) and contain roughly five guitars as a kind of minimalist orchestra. Guitars take shape as birds singing, little explosions and thinking machines. With simple treatments and spare- but lush- arrangements these pieces are part of a concerted effort to approach the instrument of electric guitar as a guitar in name only. The album features unique interpretations of songs by Neil Young (”Round & Round”) and Curtis Mayfield (”People Get Ready”) as well as three original compositions. opening up is and album full of phasing harmonies and subtle warmth.

Bizzart- L.A. Approach 12″ (SAA1108)

B4927648-C169-44E1-8A3C-CA21687D4674.jpg This little gem of an E.P. is not the norm from your everyday “Man yo, I’m ill! I’m the hardest! And other such hyperbole!” type M.C. You know what I’m sayin’? Anyhow, what we have here is a 6 track 12″ that features the very catchy and unconventional “L.A. Approach” produced by Fourever and an incredibly dirty digital/analog experimental track from Accident called “Wax.” The Accident Reconstruction of “Wax” is a rare instrumental reworking of the track that would later appear on Bizzart’s groundbreaking album Ear Drung. The 12″ also includes another non-album track with the classic spoken word a cappella “You Suck.”

themorningcall/My Marathon- split 7″ (SAA1107)

393B195E-F42C-40F3-B0C9-0FBD2AE36075.jpg The first split 7″ released on Sounds Are Active comes from two very different instrumental ensembles: My Marathon, based out of San Francisco, is a moody four piece which includes former Halo Friendlies drummer, Deanna Lewis now on guitar. These two slippery songs recorded by Havalina’s Matt Wignall in Long Beach, shout and murmur with highly melodic guitar interplay and a propulsive rhythm section work from Justin Lewis (bass) and Colin Dobrin (drums). Also mastered by The Album Leaf’s Jimmy Lavalle. Chris Schlarb’s themorningcall is a distinctly different musical statement from one of Create (!)’s co-founders. With Chris playing all instruments (except drums on “August” which are played by Long Beach area rapper Zyrun Jackson) themorningcall’s music transitions from brisk fusion breaks on “Sometimes…” to the acoustic piano driven “August” which also includes a 4-part clarinet section before falling into backward cymbal washes and keyboard melodies.

Jazz- A Compilation (PS001)

BDB43278-6671-49ED-B6BF-5AB2B330BDCF.jpg The best music from an invisible scene, Jazz is a vital collection of new and progressive sounds coming out of the Long Beach/Los Angeles area. Five groups contributed 2-4 songs each, from the eccentric and highly melodic pop of Sidecar, produced by Ubiquity recording artist Nobody, leading of the album to the slick and thick fusion/funk of The Slippers. CrankCase (a recent 12” with Ugly Duckling’s Andy Cooper has given them international attention) provides three piece stripped down jamsof pure funk with Ramones aesthetic with the lumbering echoes of the aptly titled Dub Kinetics. Winding up with perhaps the strangest affair of the album, three tracks from the avant-garde free-jazz, world-thrash of Create (!).

Anticubicle- A Time To Breathe Deep (SAA1103L)

049AB186-7DC2-4FA8-B73E-B9215FA3A15E.jpg Recorded in two hours, this ambient, experimental duet album puts a new spin on the standard term of “turntablism.” The sound on this album is created by only a pair of turntables, an electric guitar and a few effects boxes. There are no overdubs and no edits. A Time To Breathe Deep includes the composition “Two Rooms”, a live acoustic piano/turntable experiment which had both musicians in separate rooms playing simultaneously (then mixed together in real time).

Create (!)- Patterns (SAA1102L)

85777AD5-EEE7-488B-B0CE-3235820F406C.jpg Composed entirely of improvisations recorded live and in the studio, Patterns features Create (!) seemlessly melding underground hip-hop, drum n’ bass, jazz, noise, and African and Eastern musics, Create (!) never has the time to stagnate in any one particular genre or style. Create (!) has only begun to define their sound and with the drum n’ bass of “Elegy March/ Rain To The Sea” to the avant-jazz of “Hubtrane” (complete with harmonium and Moog synth courtesy of Fisher J. Price). Patterns contains no overdubs and no effects. What you hear is exactly what happened.

Create (!)- Moth Nor Rust (mp001)

Create (!)- Moth Nor Rust A document of the first four times that Create (!) ever performed together, Moth Nor Rust is an album of raw improvisations and ideas. Many of the members of Create (!) had never even met prior to the recording and performance of this music. Featured mostly in a trio setting, Moth Nor Rust features tracks recorded live before a befuddled coffee house crowd at The Hub Cafe. Moth Nor Rust is an audio explanation of the genesis of Create (!). Pick it up and listen to their brains..