Create (!)- Patterns (SAA1102L)

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Patterns, the rare and bewildering second album from free form ensemble Create (!), finds the group knee deep in the underground hip-hop scene of Los Angeles in early 2000’s. Patterns is a roughly hewn, 30-minute album composed entirely of improvisations recorded live and in the studio. Originally released in a limited edition of 100, the album has long been out of print. In October 2009, guitarist and producer Chris Schlarb remastered the audio and made it available exclusively through

Patterns features Create (!) seamlessly melding underground hip-hop, drum n’ bass, jazz, noise, and African and Eastern musics. From the live breakbeats of “Elegy March/ Rain To The Sea” to the avant-jazz of “Hubtrane” (complete with harmonium and Moog synth courtesy of Fisher J. Price), Patterns contains no overdubs and no postproduction. What you hear is exactly what happened. Patterns features Olmeca from Acid Reign, Circus of the ShapeShifters, DJ Kenzo from Project Blowed and Mark Morrison and Miike Coleman of Fisher J. Price.

Produced by Create (!)
Engineered and Remastered by Chris Schlarb
All compositions by all musicians

Recorded at:
Off The Top (Hollywood), Sacred Grounds (San Pedro),
Lil’ Rock Studios (Long Beach), The Hub Cafe (Fullerton)

Create (!) is:
Orlando Greenhill- electric and acoustic bass, voice, toys, electronics
Danny Levin- euphonium, trombone, percussion, voice, electronics
Steve Richardson- drums, percussion, electronics
Chris Schlarb- electric guitar, clarinet, toys, electronics
Ian Souter- trumpet, percussion, voice, electronics

Olmeca- M.C. (on tracks 1 and 10)
DJ Kenzo- turntables (on tracks 1 and 10)
Circus- M.C. (on track 3)
Mark Morrison- harmonium (on track 6)
Miike Coleman- electronics (on track 6)

Track Listing
01. Revolutionary Roll Call [mp3]
02. Introduction
03. American Tragedy
04. Rocking Madness In The Bowels Of San Pedro Whil Observing The Maximum Occupancy Rule of 7
05. Elegy March/Rain To The Sea
06. Hubtrane
07. Children Playing In Outer Space
08. Accretion
09. The Ark
10. Comprehension Vs. Enjoyment

“Get this today and wish that your freestyle could be this fresh”- Action Attack Helicopter

“This ain’t no ordinary rock record. A fascinating listen, for sure, and when it’s nearly over, you have to agree with the voice on a track called “Comprehension vs. Enjoyment”: ‘I don’t know what all that fancy jive means, but I like the sound of it.’”- OC Weekly


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