Firefly- Journey To Learn (SAA1110)

Hand packaged in cardboard with block printed artwork, burnt paper insert and full colour CD, this EP drops five eclectic, electronic tracks. The albums pieces range in mood from edgy observations (”Ghost Town”) to uprock breaks (”Bookworm”) to just plain strange (”Atmosphere”). Firefly’s vocals are a new type of communication called BeatSpeak. Like a modern day raconteur, he tells fanciful stories one moment and tales of contemporary lore the next. With soundscapes, old drum breaks, live guitars, bass, keyboards and plenty of samples, Journey to Learn will leave you in a different place from where you started.

All lyrics and vocals by Firefly
Produced by D-Range, Randy Colby and Fisher J. Price
Upright bass on “Bookworm” by Orlando Greenhill
Additional keyboards on “Bookworm” by Jordan
Additional vocals on “Ghost Town” by Lydia Jones
Recorded and mixed by Scott Blackwell
Additional engineering and mastering by Accident

Track Listing
01. The Adventure
02. Grounded [mp3]
03. Bookworm
04. Ghost Town
05. Atmosphere

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