I Heart Lung- Blood & Light (SAA1121)

Recorded in a single three hour session at a now abandoned rehearsal studio, Blood & Light is the result of long-simmering mutual admiration and a strange turn of events. The recording session that produced this album wasn’t even supposed to have taken place. However after an aborted performance and with newfound time on their hands Blood & Light became. The sounds, textures and improvisations collected here were created without premeditation. Recorded with no overdubs or effects Blood & Light tells stories of subway trains, angels, gnomes, drones, miracles, hopes, glassy voices and fears.

Chris Schlarb- electric guitar, electronics, radio
Tom Steck- drums

“Seraphic Light” by John Coltrane

Produced and engineered by Chris Schlarb
Recorded at Lil’ Rock studios, Long Beach, Ca. April 10th 2004
Artwork by Tom Steck

Track Listing
01. Medical Fashion [mp3]
02. Wheelchair Graduation [mp3]
03. The Hope of Hope [mp3]
04. Rumours [mp3]
05. Glass Radio [mp3]
06. Whisper, Speak, Sing [mp3]
07. Seraphic Light [mp3]
08. The Fear of Fear [mp3]

“[I Heart Lung] have created a space where songs compose themselves, avoid the ping-pong of forced resolve, and rock courts jazz in a precariously delicious harlequin drama. Beneath all of this is the anonymous orator who faintly ghost laces the entire spread with an off-key counterpoint whisper, a passionate hum only caught on a full volume playback.”- Foxy Digitalis

“…some of the most high energy free-jazz to spit out of America.”- Tiny Mix Tapes


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