makeShift:Shelter- a makeShift EP (SAA1127)


Incorporating elements of jazz, fusion, electronica and rock, makeShift:Shelter iron the edges out of each genre. This Austin, Texas based quartet succeed where most other guitar-led instrumental outfits fail: the songs.

“Faux Hawk” and “Africaine” give steady stomp propulsion. With proper twang and pulse the melody and texture throughout these tracks find the fertile ground which birthed Pat Metheny’s Bright Size Life. Each bass line, each cymbal sizzle converse and exist for a reason. The economy of all four songs contained on a makeShift EP provide the listener with a rare treat: moving music which will age with a simple timelessness.

makeShift:Shelter is:
Mark Foley, Reagan Van Matre, Bill Brown, Brian Tomlin

All tracks presented in 192kps.

Track Listing
01. a makeShift shelter [mp3]
02. faux hawk [mp3]
03. a million white belts [mp3]
04. africaine [mp3]

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