Melk The G6-49- Glossolalia (SAA1119)

A miniature masterpiece of thousands of amplified crickets, Glossolalia is Melk The G6-49’s finest moment. Recorded over three days, the Bloomington, Indiana bass and drum duo have composed an album that comes off sounding like a Christian Marclay-ed Melvins 12” crossfaded with a Ruins cover of Music for Airports. Hiss, trashy cymbals and 4-string bass blasts spasm and flop with no room for other sound. Melk have pursued their heavy-noise ambient methods with only John Spencer’s electric bass and Karl Hofstetter’s drums. According to Delusions of Adequacy “Melk the G6-49 makes a wall of sound so dangerously unconventional and label bending that slapping a label on this feels like going out and stomping around in an unbroken field of snow. It’s just sacrilege.”

Working in an emotionally and sonically intimate territory that is more normally associated with small free jazz ensembles, Splendid remarked, “they’re the metal equivalents of Matthew Shipp and William Parker.”

Track Listing
1 kilgore
2 the instantaneous mobilization of all the resources in the BURROW and all the forces of my body and soul
3 faith hill
4 big as a mountain
5 save the needy from death
6 henry [mp3]

“Glossolalia is most definitely not for everyone. But for those who care to give it a listen, it will seduce, repel and move you simultaneously. It’s a minor masterpiece that’s unlike just about anything else being produced… in 2004… instantly propels Melk The G6-49 into the upper classes of Indiana musicians”- NUVO

“Hyperspasmic distortoids in macramé ski masks rocking the casio-crudules, duct-taped thunder-rods, and patchwork drum tumblers were all the rage about 30 minutes ago… But while acoustic guitars are the new laptops, Sweden the new Iceland, and dance punk the new jazzercise; power noise rock still holds a place in the hearts of the international youth movement, yet to be usurped by worldbeat cabaret ska…Melk the G6-49 sound more like an eighty pound weight falling from some unreasonable height. Hitting the ground it spins gracefully like a rogue manhole cover, building into a diagonal-to-horizontal crescendo. Glossolalia is meditative sped-up doom metal instrumentals that are complicated with a love for free-noise and dark ambience. While even Babel is temptingly exhilarating there is something appealing about the clarity and crispness of this record. The songs are more like ice cubes than charcoal briquettes. There are still moments of table saw and jack hammer through distortion pedal and skull bits, but the whole thing is delicately and purposefully composed. (7.8 out of 10)”- Bandoppler Magazine

“Alternating between extreme loudness and quiet noise, Melk offers up yet another masterpiece. Considering this chaos is created with the use of drums and bass, one has to wonder what on earth they could do with even more instrumentations. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that there’s any gaps here; without a doubt this melting of genre stereotypes is absolutely mind-bending. This is what jazz would have sounded like without the horns and with more drugs. Simply breathtaking”-

Imagine a car accident being run through a garbage disposal on wah-wah pedal as an epileptic with cymbals thrashes about in a room full of drums and you get the idea. As caustic (and as accurate) as that may sound the result is oddly fixating as the listening is pulled in to explore the aural forms.”-


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