Nichole and the Dreamcatchers + Various Artists- Krismus Karuls (KK01)


Originally released in 2003 on Konstrictor Productions this fantastically bizzare record features both a 7 song Christmas EP from Nichole & The Dreamcatchers, whose lead singer, Nichole, is in full command of her twelve year old voice shaped at the hands of Gary Gooper. Amazing stuff. Then the full on extravaganza. Two tracks from Half-Handed Cloud, The Mary Hamhocks (Liz Janes and husband- erstwhile Slowly Rotating Fan- Michael Kaufmann) and Mary Krismus. Probably the prettiest thing Create (!) has ever recorded (”Hymn for St. John of Shanghai”- bonus points if you know what he is the patron saint of…), a great lo-fi, fun instrumental from elusive My Marathon and a simply astounding piece of music from Joel Pickell (drummer and musician in the travelling Half-Handed Cloud circus). What is Christmas without kids!?? Childhood tape recordings from 1978 and 87 bookend the tracks and the album tops off with “Red & Green” from themorningcall featuring some sweet baby chatter.

Track Listing
01. Nichole & The Dreamcatchers- Santa is the Greatest [mp3]
02. Nichole & The Dreamcatchers- Santa-Santa [mp3]
03. Nichole & The Dreamcatchers- Time To Rejoice [mp3]
04. Nichole & The Dreamcatchers- What a Day for a Dog of Gold [mp3]
05. Nichole & The Dreamcatchers- Santa’s on his Way [mp3]
06. Nichole & The Dreamcatchers- Santa is the Greatest (surf-rap) [mp3]
07. Nichole & The Dreamcatchers- Chocolate Stars (I’ll be home) [mp3]
08. The Mary Hamhocks- Christmas Kiss [mp3]
09. Joel Pickell- Don’t be Scared There is a Savior [mp3]
10. Christmas 1978- Jingle Bells [mp3]
11. My Marathon- A Sleigh Ride Through the Streets of San Francisco [mp3]
12. Campfire Kids- It’s Jesus’ Birthday so He Should Get the Toys [mp3]
13. Half-Handed Cloud- Asian Meteorologists Predicted the Heavens to Snow-down a Child a Child to Us (Plant a little Fir Tree) [mp3]
14. Mary Krismus- Ah-ooh-nee-oh [mp3]
15. Create (!)- Hymn for St. John of Shanghai [mp3]
16. Bastille Day- It’s Christmas Time in D.C. [mp3]
17. Philip Fawn- Ode to Gandolf and Ye Ole Christmas Spirit [mp3]
18. The Mary Hamhocks- Sweet Baby Jesus [mp3]
19. Christmas 1987- Little St. Nick [mp3]
20. The Switched-Off Promise Book- Electrical Coloured Lights [mp3]
21. Mary Krismus- Go Tell it on the Mountain (for Cousin Paul) [mp3]
22. Half-Handed Cloud- The * That Moved-around the Night [mp3]
23. themorningcall- Red & Green [mp3]

“The comp, now free for the downloadin’, also features music from Liz Janes (disguised as Mary Hamhocks) and Create (!), as well as seven songs by a 12-year-old named Nichole. Does she sound like Daniel Smith of the Danielson Famile? You’ll just have to download to find out.”-

“a somewhat deranged holiday album”- Tofuhut

“some of the best Christmas music you’ll hear all year”- Gorilla Vs. Bear


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