Soul-Junk- 1937 (SAA1120)

Years in the making 1937 utterly destroys the rubble left behind from the previous two Soul-Junk full length records. With no place left to go the tracks on 1937 are the final deconstruction which leaves Mssrs. Galaxalag and Slo-Ro at proverbial forks in the road. Galaxalag has set upon a course which will see him record the entire Bible word for word and beat for beat; while Slo-Ro walks hand in hand with new identity M.C. Ponderosa and refines the hoagie charm of kidnastypup’s splatter raps.

The remixes here run the gambit: Wobbly’s hilarious remix mush-mouths Slo-Ro into danceable incoherency; Patagonian blip-hops Galaxalag into reverse hip-hop infinity. Elsewhere, DAT PoliticsAelters crosses Soul-Junk with R2-D2 and early Sega videogame music and Hairspray or No? do right by 1957’s “Jelly Wings”. Create (!) defers to the rap to keep beat with a bizzare live piano/bass/drums revision of “Horse Posing As Unicorn” while Leafcutter John kling-klangs his way through “Can Hop”.

The wonderful artwork has been remixed and masterfully assembled by Paul Goode and Jonathan Dueck, themselves the original artists for 1957 and 1958 respectively. Wholly strange, rewarding and consistantly difficult, 1937 is the breakup record. 1937 is the reunion record.

Track Listing
01. Slo-Ro Vs. M.C. Ponderosa- opidish
02. Aelters- begollar tempus
03. Create (!) Vs. Accident- Seahorse Posing as Colorform
04. Hairspray or No?- poolfullofstatic
05. Wobbly- aiming narrow
06. [dREKKA]- Jammy July Pike Remix – [dREKKA] battles the Mind Flayer on the 12th Day of Christmas wearing Plus Three Chain Mail
07. Poison Arrows- hornfront
08. Stephen Ruiz- soul structures sourced
09. Professor Kermit w/Ashish Vyas- atari atari [mp3]
10. Matt Davignon- jibjob
11. Soul-Junk w/Evig Poesi- NOVA [mp3]
12. Dev79- ungst func slag collision remix
13. looproad- totale (ruby doomsday remix)
14. Soul-Junk- Creech
15. Jason Talbot- non-linear remix
16. Patagonian- organ air
17. therefore- clarks green
18. Leafcutter John- canhop
19. Soul-Junk- Wack M.C.

“If Captain Beefheart enlisted the glitch-hop enthusiasts from TigerBeat6 to record an album of gospel music, it would probably resemble Soul-Junk’s recent work. 1937 is Soul-Junk’s most ambitious release to date. Though technically a remix album, the record plays out more like a futuristic jam session… this impressive cast of artists deconstructs hip-hop to bizarre new levels… a brand of ambitious artistry that, however difficult to find, is immensely rewarding.”- Prefix Magazine

“The album, despite how disparate the group of remix-ers is, is surprisingly consistant and listenable”- Music For Robots

“Half tribute album, half collaborations, remixes, and mash ups, 1937 is by far one of the strangest albums I will hear this year”- The Phantom Tollbooth

“On the 1937 remix album, they go into some truly rarified air. Gurgling through the meticulous murk lies a sensibility that makes this much more memorable than so much “difficult” music. Dance at your own peril.”-HM Magazine


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