The Weird Weeds- This Is Not What You Want (SAA1130)


Called the “best band in Austin, TX” by Tiny Mix Tapes, The Weird Weeds are an experimental pop band with two guitars, drums, male/female vocals, and lots of strange noises.

This Is Not What You Want is something of a departure from the group’s usual work in that the songs feature a quieter, stripped-down instrumentation including acoustic guitar and minimal percussion. Despite these changes, the music is still consistent with the band’s unique melodic and harmonic sense and knack for defying any predetermined genres.

The Weird Weeds are:
Sandy Ewen- guitar, vocals
Nick Hennies- percussion, vocals
Aaron Russell- guitar, vocals

Written, performed, and recorded by The Weird Weeds
except “Sweet Thing” written by Van Morrison and published by Van-Jan Music (BMI).

Artwork by Nick Czap
All tracks presented in 192kps.

Track Listing
01. See The World [mp3]
02. The Butcher [mp3]
03. Salt Shaker [mp3]
04. Sweet Thing [mp3]
05. Broken Arm [mp3]

“It took all of 30 seconds for Weird Weeds’ new EP to fully blow my mind…there’s nothing half-assed or phoned-in about this; it’s solid, steady, stable music that can still get loose without sounding loose because it understands the subtle balance of hard work vis-a-vis hyper-creativity”- Portland Mercury

“Improvisational guitar phenom and University of Texas student Sandy Ewen, indie rock vet guitarist Aaron Russell (ex-the Teethe) and drummer Nick Hennies, who has guested with avant-pop melodrama queens Xiu Xiu — are one of Austin’s more compelling pop acts. Blending avant-garde tendencies with more rigorous songwriting…”- Austin American-Statesman


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