themorningcall/My Marathon- split 7″ (SAA1107)


The first split 7″ released on Sounds Are Active comes from two very different instrumental ensembles:

My Marathon, based out of San Francisco, is a moody four piece which includes former Halo Friendlies drummer, Deanna Lewis now on guitar. These two slippery songs recorded by Havalina’s Matt Wignall in Long Beach, shout and murmur with highly melodic guitar interplay and a propulsive rhythm section work from Justin Lewis (bass) and Colin Dobrin (drums). Also mastered by The Album Leaf’s Jimmy Lavalle.

Chris Schlarb’s themorningcall is a distinctly different musical statement from one of Create (!)’s co-founders. With Chris playing all instruments (except drums on “August” which are played by Long Beach area rapper Zyrun Jackson) themorningcall’s music transitions from brisk fusion breaks on “Sometimes…” to the acoustic piano driven “August” which also includes a 4-part clarinet section before falling into backward cymbal washes and keyboard melodies.

My Marathon is:
Colin Dobrin- drums, trombone
Deanna Lewis- guitar, engineering, xylophone, twisting knobs
Justin Lewis- bass, twisting knobs
Kris Rotelle- guitar, guitar, guitar

Recorded and mixed at tackyland by Matt Wignall
Mastered by Jimmy Lavalle

themorningcall is:
Chris Schlarb- electric guitar, electric retar, drums, electric bass, acoustic piano, clarinet, percussion, electronics
Zyrun Jackson- drums on “august”

Recorded, produced and written by Chris Schlarb
at Lil’ Rock Studios, the Orange Room and Gilmore Music
Mastered by Nick Bergh

Track Listing
A1. My Marathon-559 Pennsylvania [mp3]
A2. My Marathon-The Getaway
B1. themorningcall-stereotomy pt.2/somethings the rays of the sun get really sharp and poke me in the soft part of my eye [mp3]
B2. themorningcall-august/45 drunken spiders

“This is why turntables were invented, you know… this 7″ is special. If you like instrumental music you’re guaranteed to enjoy it, and if you don’t own a turntable, buy it anyway. No, I’m being serious. You won’t regret it. Trust me on this one.”-

“exquisitely pretty style… full of uplifting crescendos, mathy interludes and electronic meanderings… quirky noises, piano, clarinet and guitars over drum backdrops…”- Punk Planet


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