therefore- ocean (SAA1106)

An album of subtle ambient beauty, ocean is full of warmth and sound. banjo, clarinet, organ, alternately fill the ears with saturating bursts of static and tambourines. clicks and noise swirl quietly, like melodies, around drums, cymbals and electronics. This cassette only release comes to us from the catalog of the recently liquidated inlet recordings.

ocean was recorded between January 1998 and November 2000, in Lewisburg, PA; Olympia, WA; and San Diego, CA. A stark analog contrast to the group’s later period output, ocean remains one of therefore’s most fully realized artistic statements.

Track Listing
01. kedge [mp3]
02. halyard
03. petrel
04. mariner
05. edd
06. narwhal
07. hold
08. transom

“I listened to Ocean, and no-one is more surprised than I to find myself telling you all that it is really something to hear. It’s one of the most pleasant listens I’ve had in months. It’s that rare kind of recording that’s almost always welcome… “Petrel” and “Mariner” — quietly stun the listener the way they do, it’s a low-key delight. The whole second side, with its listlessly plucked banjo and flurries of tambourines, is something I’ve found myself returning to almost compulsively. It’s got the hypnotic allure of a snowy television screen.”- John Darnielle, Last Plane To Jakarta


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