therefore- The Bomb Grant (SAA1133)

An overwhelming listen, The Bomb Grant is the final album from Michael Kaufmann (ex-Soul-Junk) and Wayne Feldman. Upwards of two years time was spent crafting the edge of noise into a kind of technological voodoo. The impulse to give a circuit board a soul exists and is abandoned. However soft ears will bear out the Spirit inside.

Presented in two epic compositions therefore eclipses last years L.G.F.C.A. with an even more challenging, esoteric masterwork. Patience not included.

Track Listing
01. Texas Radio
02. Plausible Binding [mp3]

“However, this isn’t a perfect record, as perfection would only ruin the idea here… When the listening experience is over, and all the pieces fall into place, there’s still a large degree of uncertainty as to whether the experience was enjoyable, enlightening, or even worthwhile. Neither bad, nor good, nor indifferent, it has a coldness which overwhelms the pockets of raw feeling that emerge unexpectedly. The Bomb Grant is good way to put an amicable end to Therefore’s long partnership, even if it won’t necessarily put them on the music map for the rest of eternity. For the experimentally inclined, however, it makes for an interesting 36 minutes and two seconds, and would probably make a good soundtrack for cleaning the house.”- Urban Pollution

“Rather than being a mere spontaneous combustion sort of recording, this album is a combination of spontaneity and precise detail. Considering the fact that most folks would consider this random noise, this may seem confusing. But it is the attention to detail that makes this collection of noise entertaining and credible. An interesting twist is that cellos are sifted into the mixture on occasion. Perplexing music with depth.”- Baby Sue


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