Xn./Deneir- flowers (eating) words (SAA1115)


flowers (eating) words has been on and off hold for over 2 years, waiting for technology, time and purpose to bring ten short songs together. Clocking in at a robust 11 1/2 minutes each of the tracks was designed to fit into the close confines of sixty seconds each. Xn. and Deneir each contribute four abbreviated pieces in addition to one collaborative composition. On “gold in mirror” Deneir takes Xn.’s sloth-sound and pumps it full of rocks and cymbal shimmer. “Internal Chattering” reveals on repeated listens: Xn.’s bubbling guitar haikus threading Deneir’s LFO gurgle.

Elsewhere on solo tracks Deneir fashions a trumpet solo out of a squeaking chair and Xn. pursues eBow, hiss and harmony only to fall over the finish line and begin again.

Produced by Xn. and Deneir.
Artwork by Tim McMullen
All tracks presented in 192kps.

Track Listing
01. flowers (eating) words [mp3]
02. who is she now? [mp3]
03. a reminder [mp3]
04. gold in mirror [mp3]
05. it’s not raining, it’s over [mp3]
06. wordless understanding [mp3]
07. random object subject [mp3]
08. my chair, the trumpet [mp3]
09. charting oblivion [mp3]
10. internal chattering [mp3]

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