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Christopher A. Scott- Goes on Rumspringa (SAA1129)

5293FEEC-733A-4FEF-B0CC-1F7A167E6232.jpg Christopher A. Scott describes this sound a “Lo-fidelity Flaminco Electronica” and you know what? That’s kind of where it’s at. Goes on Rumspringa is a delight to listen to, the primitive construction of the tracks translate into soulful manipulations instead of point & click funk. Recorded between May and June 2003, Goes on Rumspringa was constructed from under 15 seconds of sampled source material utilizing: Fender classical acoustic FC100 Audio Technica microphone ATR20 AIWA ‘Super Bass’ boombox circa early 90’s Zenith Audio CD Recorder ADR-620 Oh, and all of the production was performed with the MTV Music Generator for the Sony Playstation. Listen already!