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Chris Schlarb- Psychic Temple (SAA1160)

An astounding work of passion and patience over one thousand hours in the making, Long Beach musician/composer Chris Schlarb bestows his latest musical vision, Psychic Temple, onto the world. Known for his work as half of the hypnotic, jazz/drone duo, I Heart Lung, Schlarb’s latest work expands wildly in new directions, incorporating wordless vocal choirs, string quartets and horn sections into his 29-member ensemble.

C.J. Boyd- Visions and Revisions (SAA1138)

1AA69602-4E2F-4EC3-9586-1A988241567B.jpg Visions & Revisions is more an organism than an album. As time passes the music collected herein will be changed and augmented, remixed and revised. All of C.J. Boyd’s solo electric bass catalog has been tossed into the hands of others for examination. As such, we have not edited or contextualized or mastered these contributions. They are presented as received in varied volumes and bit rates. Highlights include the synthy boom/bap of Hefty Records’ Eliot Lipp (”The Day After”), Cignol’s melodic chop shop (”RPSW”) and the bit crushed Autechre-like textures of Datrot’s “Salami.”

C.J. Boyd- The Greatest Weight (SAA1135)

932348E7-E1E1-4F34-ABE7-099BD1DA7E59.jpg Produced and recorded by Sandro Perri of Constellation Records’ Polmo Polpo, The Greatest Weight is bassist C.J. Boyd’s finest work. C.J. Boyd fashions beautiful, rolling compositions from his looping electric bass and multi-tracked harmonica which producer Perri turns into a hundred year old pump organ. Both ambient and inherently rhythmic The Greatest Weight finds optimism in simplicity. A welcome rest for ears weighed down by excess.