Create (!)- Moth Nor Rust (mp001)

Create (!)- Moth Nor Rust

A document of the first four times that Create (!) ever performed together, Moth Nor Rust is an album of raw improvisations and ideas. Many of the members of Create (!) had never even met prior to the recording and performance of this music.

Featured mostly in a trio setting, Moth Nor Rust features tracks recorded live before a befuddled coffee house crowd at The Hub Cafe. Moth Nor Rust is an audio explanation of the genesis of Create (!).

Pick it up and listen to their brains..

Moth Nor Rust was produced by Create (!) and engineered by Chris Schlarb.
Recorded at 124 Hullet, The Hub, and Lil’ Rock Studios, ‘99-’00.
Mastered by Fourever of the Mystics.

Track Listing
01. Dissemblance March
02. Intersection
03. Anaerobic Communication
04. Letting Pt.1
05. Cry Of The Subterranean Hippopotamus
06. While Walking
07. B.J.’s Lament
08. Letting Pt. 2
09. Uprooting Unrighteous Fruit
10. Born of Water and Spirt

“Something about this release promises a certain something, it might be the IDM friendly packaging of the album, the varying instrument credits for the quintet (electronics, clarinet, sampler, and more)… promising moments crop up enough that further investigation can be warranted. “Anaerobic Communication,” with a mournful, radio-signal guitar line matched with a steady funk/jazz rhythm, brings an attractive subtlety to the fore, slowly mutating into other improvisations over eight minutes without suddenly rocking out. Meanwhile, “Letting, Pt. 1″ has a gentle, soothing synth part setting a calm tone over an equally low-key but still active enough drum/trumpet jam, while a similar keyboard part helps to make two more tracks worthwhile: “While Walking” and, unsurprisingly, “Letting, Pt. 2,” which has a little more overall activity going at the same contemplative pace. Not the end of the world but not simply something to shrug at in the end.”- All Music Guide

“…Create (!) sounds like something from your life…”- Agata, Melt Banana

“A perfect soundtrack to driving down a deserted highway in the middle of the night with the top down.”- HM Magazine


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