Golden Poultry Error- s/t (SAA1123)


Once random, now immediately rhythmic, GPE is a sonic broth of radical reconstruction and reinterpretation of recorded improv by Soul-Junk’s Glen Galaxy and Slo-Ro. The linearity is smashed but then eloquently rebuilt into something digitally swarming, yet equally spontaneous and alive. The resulting sound is free-style cyber-primitivist, somewhere between abstract hip-hop and free improv with crystalline purpose and chaotic flirting.

Originally released on Stop Pause Play Record (cat#SPPR001SD) in July of 2003.

Produced and Engineered by Ero Thompson
Artwork by Paul Goode
All tracks are presented in 192kps.

Track Listing
01. It’s Raining Fingers [mp3]
02. Cold Funks [mp3]
03. Troomps [mp3]
04. Microconcussionss [mp3]
05. Prole Bonks [mp3]
06. Old Monks [mp3]
07. 4-02s [mp3]
08. Screechs [mp3]

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