I Heart Lung- Between Them A Forest Grew, Trackless and Quiet (SAA1146)

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A collection of live recordings and trio improvisations with Create (!) saxophonist Peter Chan, Between Them A Forest Grew… finds the group performing songs from their debut recording Blood & Light, the split 12″ with Castanets as well as previously unreleased compositions.

Recorded from 2004 through 2007, Between Them A Forest Grew, Trackless and Quiet is the document of the duet in constant motion. I Heart Lung explores a wealth of improvisational material in addition to studio tracks, old and new, including a sketch from the band’s forthcoming album Interoceans.

Chris Schlarb- electric guitar, electronics
Tom Steck- acoustic drums, percussion
%with Peter Chan- clarinet, alto saxophone

Produced by Chris Schlarb
Design and Photography by Tom Steck

Track Listing
01. Maleem Ya Maleem* [mp3]
02. The Perennial Affair+
03. If I Were a Young Man Now+ [mp3]
04. Lycanthropy%
05. Useless, Useless%
06. Three (Siblings)+
07. Moving Through Color I#
08. Song of the Boatman on the River Roon+
09. Wheelchair Graduation+
10. Retrospective%
11. Moving Through Color II*

%Live at Bluebird Art Gallery, Whittier, California
Recorded by Chris Schlarb March 6th 2004

#Live at The Dome Room, Long Beach, California
Recorded by Shea Gauer April 23rd, 2005

+Live at High Mayhem, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Recorded by Carlos Santistevan July 3rd, 2005

*Live at Portfolio, Long Beach, California
Recorded by Chris Schlarb March 16th, 2007

“[I Heart Lung are] questioning modern conventions… and in the process they are creating music as beautiful as it is challenging. The contrast between hypnotic, driving percussion and susurrus, meditative guitar is a feature of the music. Meditative yet driving, understated and epic at the same time, this is music which courses through the veins as soothingly as an opiate and as sharply as electricity.”- Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

“…you never know quite what you’re in for at an I Heart Lung show– the performances range from free jazz skronkery (”Lycanthropy”) to roaming ambient pieces (”Maleem Ya Maleem”) and frenetic rhythm’n'drone workouts (”Moving Through Color II”). Steck’s drumming is able to stay focused while also including a great deal of embellishment over the top, and the contrast between his active style and Schlarb’s long, arcing notes is the band’s key strength… a solid record for fans of free improv.”- Joe Tangari, Pitchfork


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