Jazz- A Compilation (PS001)

The best music from an invisible scene, Jazz is a vital collection of new and progressive sounds coming out of the Long Beach/Los Angeles area. Five groups contributed 2-4 songs each, from the eccentric and highly melodic pop of Sidecar, produced by Ubiquity recording artist Nobody, leading of the album to the slick and thick fusion/funk of The Slippers. CrankCase (a recent 12” with Ugly Duckling’s Andy Cooper has given them international attention) provides three piece stripped down jamsof pure funk with Ramones aesthetic with the lumbering echoes of the aptly titled ;strong>Dub Kinetics. Winding up with perhaps the strangest affair of the album, three tracks from the avant-garde free-jazz, world-thrash of Create (!).

Initially released on CD and 12” vinyl only for local listening and consumption Pete Records and Sounds Are Active teamed up to put out an album of real music regardless of genre and style, Jazz is all music and no scene or pretense.

Jazz has been released on both CD and vinyl. The CD contains 71 minutes of music. Vol. 1 on vinyl contains non-CD tracks from CrankCase, The Slippers and Dub Kinetics, and clocks in at around 37 minutes.

Produced by Pete Deeble and Chris Schlarb
Mastered by Nick Burgh
Additional editing and mastering by Accident
Cover artwork done by Joel Heflin
CD and vinyl label art by Tim McMullen
Layout and design done by Catherine Nguyen

Track Listing
01. Sidecar- Man From Manchester
02. Sidecar- Quadrant 7
03. The Slippers- Oui
04. The Slippers- 2490
05. CrankCase- Keedo [mp3]
06. CrankCase- Spy No.8
07. CrankCase- OFR Superlative
08. Dub Kinetics- Return of the Congo
09. Dub Kinetics- Rougher Version Pt.2
10. Dub Kinetics- Ital Dub
11. Create(!)- Age of Entanglement [mp3]
12. Create(!)- Create(!) vs. Technology
13. Create(!)- Angry Elephant and the Silly Circus

“This is one of the dopest records ever.”- Below The Surface

“…people need to be freaked out every now and then, grabbed by the neck and jerked around until they’re made aware there are aural alternatives to what they’re hearing on the radio and seeing in clubs. And that, ultimately, is what Jazz is all about.”- OC WEEKLY


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