Rockbands Presents The Fireside Room- Hidden Driveways (SAA1111)

In a kind of musical time-warp Hidden Driveways tips its hat as much to the mountains and greenery of Kelowna, Canada as to Neil Young, The Flaming Lips and Brian Eno. Rockband has been the main musical outlet for tirelessly creative singer and primary songwriter, Steve Hubert who also performs with a laundry list of Canadian ensembles in addition to engineering, mastering and producing. Hidden Driveways bears out some of the above influences and makes informed progress on it’s own merit as well. Incorporating analogue keyboards as judiciously as violins and ambient field recordings the album is a consistently warm listen.

A quantum leap in production quality and with the maturing of an already keen songwriting ability, Hidden Driveways sees Hubert (who plays most of the instruments on the record) fulfilling his potential. The beautiful melody and narrative on “A Strange Farewell For A Game” shift cleverly from subtle keyboard to overloaded drums to conversational singing all within the first two minutes of the song. Tracks like “The Heat In Your House” (which starts off with an interesting drum machine and guitar duet) and the quietly gorgeous “You And I Belong” are flooded with melodic ideas and ambiguous/observant lyrics.

Rockband is:
Steve Hubert- guitar, bass, vocals, keyboard, drums, electronics
Meghann Hubert- violin, vocals, keyboard
Mike Hubert- drums
Ryan Sawatzky- guitar
Ryan Peters- drums

Recorded and Produced by Steve Hubert
Mastered by Toby Hulse

Track Listing
01. The Homeroom Vortex (Made and impression)
02. A Strage Farewell for a game
03. Digital Filters
04. Turn Up The Heat in Your House [mp3]
05. So Come On
06. Hidden Driveways
07. The Resonant Tone of this Room is “Gee”
08. You And I Belong
09. Search Your Hearts and Be Silent
Bonus Fire Mountain EP
10. Fire Mountain
11. Paradise is Gone
12. Postmodern Table

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