Shiny Around The Edges- Holy Roller (SAA1149)

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Holy Roller, Shiny Around the Edges’ debut, is both jaggedly bleak and crushingly beautiful. Recorded with Matthew J. Barnhart (Shearwater, The New Year) at The Echo Lab deep in the Blackland Prairie of North Texas, Holy Roller serves as a reflection of the band’s wide-ranging musical influences. Taking cues from the ambient noise, jazz, metal, folk, and country records they listen to while living in the fertile music scene of Denton, Texas, Shiny Around the Edges deliver an album boiling with schizophrenic guitar work, pummeling rhythms, and vocals both impassioned and soothing.

The core of Shiny Around the Edges is Michael and Jennifer. For more than seven years, the duo has released limited edition CDRs, digital downloads, and 7”s to an increasing audience around the world. Committed to exploring differing sonic textures, they have often been joined by musicians looking to explore as well. Members of bands such as the Baptist Generals (Sub Pop), Castanets (Asthmatic Kitty), The Paper Chase (Kill Rock Stars), and If Thousands (Chairkickers) have joined Shiny Around the Edges live and in the studio. Holy Roller sees the addition of Justin from the Texas noise rock bands, Notes from Underground and Geistheistler, plus Josh and Ed of Denton’s post-hardcore, Last Men.

All songs written by Jennifer and Michael

Produced by Shiny Around The Edges
Recorded by Matthew J. Barnhart
Mixed by Matthew J. Barnhart, Michael, Jennifer and Justin
Mastered by Carl Saff

Track Listing
01. Every Hunter Needs A Kill
02. Crosses
03. Come Closer [mp3]
04. Devil’s River
05. Avoidance Theory
06. This Apocalypse
07. Glory Glory
08. I Hover Above You
09. Elizabeth Ascending
10. Utah

“with both raw sexuality and sweet tenderness—Shiny Around the Edges has found a way to channel all its ghosts, energy and talent into a collection that truly showcases what everyone in Denton has buzzed about for so long.”- Merritt Martin, Dallas Observer

“We all need a wedge to separate us from what’s happening in the now, and Shiny Around the Edges has provided the crowbar.”- Justin Spicer, Electronic Voice Phenomenon

“We’re taken with the pair’s ability to conjure tumbleweeds and desert space with distortion and velvety vocals on the just-released Holy Roller.”- Lyndsay Knecht Milne, NBC


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