therefore- L.G.F.C.A. (SAA1128)


Digital never sounded so disturbed. After performing live for 30 hours straight, remixing Xn. and Soul-Junk, recording a songless ode to AM radio (in mono on cassette no less), charging an hours wage per CD and intentionally erasing all traces of their existence, therefore propagates the greatest “free” album ever made.

A high concept/low frequency full length album years in the making, L.G.F.C.A. is therefore at their finest. The spirit of early Aphex Twin is conjured in the cello/violin/acid beats of “Mexico On A Budget” whilst tracks like “Apartment Complex” and “Free Soundtrack” startle with their anti-chrome, pro-implosion sound. On L.G.F.C.A. the ego has been remixed into white noise and live snare drum hits. By the time you reach the thirteenth minute of “Drivers License Renewal” you will understand all that came before.

therefore is:
Wayne Feldman
Michael Kaufmann

All tracks presented in 192kps.

Track Listing
01. Grants Tomb [mp3]
02. Free Soundtrack
03. Gray Album
04. Register Your Domain
05. Apartment Complex
06. Cassius Clay
07. Sorority Girls
08. Post Modernity
09. String Theory
10. Texas Holdem
11. Cheap Meds
12. Mexico On A Budget
13. Botox Alternative
14. Drivers License Renewal

“The album is a sonic implosion of sounds along every frequency with bouncing pings and pongs, skittering video game like explosions and white-noise. It’s avant-garde at it’s purest for the new millennium. Move over Bela Bartok.”- Exit Magazine


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